Thursday, February 23, 2017

Jeff Haynie, Artist Reception, March 3rd, 6-9PM!

MEOW! Here comes a REALLY fun Art Walk! Friday, March 3rd, 6-9pm (During the Fremont First Friday Art Walk) we are so excited to present the purrrrfectly awesome & FUN art work of none other, JEFF HAYNIE!!!

Playful & whimsical paintings inspired by his cats with strong influences of Art Nouveau, Classical Realism & a good sense of childlike wonder. Fantastical stories emerge, usually pointing to a symbolic message to inspire hope & faith.

We'll have meuwtiful originals, prints, cards & kitty face jewelry! Come party with us, this is a rare opportunity to meet Jeff Haynie!  To see more of his art, go to &

AND!  To whet your whistle,  B. Fuller Mortar & Pestle will be serving TEA!  If you have no experience with B. Fuller Mortar & Pestle, YOU are in for a TREAT! There's this cute little Steampunk looking tea shop right around the corner from here that makes the art of tea an unforgettable experience! You can buy the most yummy tea there too! To see more of what they're about, go to OR go to their FB page & give them a 'Like'!